Although the M&E is a “short line” railroad, its rail lines are still far-reaching. The M&E can ship to or from anywhere in North America via connections with other railroads.

The diagram above shows some of the M&E’s current shipments and where they originate. Historically, the M&E has shipped or received products like propane, electrical transformers, building materials, and even toys all over North America.

The M&E can ship almost anything, from raw materials to finished goods. Freight rail is most cost-effective when handling large or heavy loads.  Generally, any products or materials weighing over 40,000 pounds are excellent candidates for rail shipment. Typically, rail shipments are limited to 263,000 pounds per carload (including the weight of the railcar itself).

Commodity Information

Lumber, Paper, and Other Forest Products
Plastics, Resins, and Dry Bulk Chemicals
- Liquid & Gas Bulk Chemicals
- Petroleum Products
- Food Products